PH1 World and PRO-FRIENDS develop innovative family and safety-centric condo in Imus, Cavite

PH1 World, Inc. and the Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS) have come together to form Famtech Properties, Inc., a developer passionate about ensuring the safety of the Filipino family and combines the expertise of the two partners to set new standards in safe, family-friendly developments.

PRO-FRIENDS is an established developer widely recognized for family-friendly projects. PH1 World Developers, meanwhile, is an innovative real estate company that aims to deliver extraordinary value to its clients through innovation and engineering technology. Famtech aims to provide families with better, safer housing starting with its maiden offering: One Lancaster Park (OLP).

OLP, located in Lancaster New City in Imus Cavite, is a 10-hectare, 15-tower residential condominium, with its first two towers boasting 8 storeys and 191 residential units each. All towers have unparalleled safety features, enabling residents to focus on living life to the fullest.

PRO-FRIENDS Chairman  Gerry Choa says OLP is “the beginning of a new chapter for Lancaster New City” as it is the first vertical development to rise in the township. He adds: “Families aspiring to own their first homes have so much to look forward to in One Lancaster Park. By introducing new innovations in family safety, we can transform the quality of living for many Filipinos through the peaceful atmosphere of One Lancaster City and peace of mind through the unique safety features of OLP. We continue to enhance Filipino families’ lives now and for generations to come.”

Meanwhile, Famtech Properties General Manager Tet Abad Santos spoke about the benefits brought by the joint venture. “Famtech Properties is committed to developing family-friendly homes that promote safety and well-being. Through the partnership between PRO-FRIENDS and PH1, both developers that are committed to innovation, and the construction expertise of engineering innovator Megawide, we will improve the quality of family-centric properties in the country,” she said.   

Engineering and infrastructure innovator Megawide is the contractor for OLP. Chairman and CEO Edgar Saavedra cemented his company’s commitment to the project: “Megawide is honored to partner with clients who seek new ways to improve the standard of living – a vital step in our company’s vision to be A First-World Philippines. We are dedicated to meeting the engineering standards of Famtech in creating a safe condo space for their clients.”

PRO-FRIENDS, PH1 World, FAMTECH, and Megawide Execs during Groundbreaking Ceremony of OLP: (L-R) Gerome Choa, Project Director, Albert Ong Consultant of Famtech Properties Inc., Edgar Saavedra Megawide Chairman & CEO, Gerry Choa, Chairman of PRO-FRIENDS Inc., Atty. Aster Sotto President of Maplecrest Group Inc., Joel Valdez Director of Famtech Properties Inc.


According to a survey by real estate website Lamudi, safety remains the top priority for home seekers. OLP goes beyond the standard with condo security features such as RFID for unit access, monitored lobbies, CCTV, and more. Points of entry to residential areas are also designed to be limited so as to restrict access to outsiders. 

Apart from security, health and COVID-19 safety is also the development’s unique feature.

As work arrangements experienced a major shift due to the pandemic, homeowners’ needs  also changed. There was a significant increase demand for homes outside the Metro, with customers more willing to consider properties outside central business district areas. 

OLP’s safe and peaceful development is just a quick ride from the metro. Situated inside Lancaster New City (LNC) in Imus, an emerging competitive city in Cavite, OLP is a fitting first real estate investment and ideal for first-time homeowners. 

The property is just minutes away from transport hubs and is accessible via major highways such as Cavitex, CALAX, SLEX, and Daang Hari. The LNC Link Bus System, with a stop right at OLP, takes transport convenience to the next level.

LNC is a township by PRO-FRIENDS which ensures basic necessities and services such as malls, hospitals, schools, and places of worship are within easy reach. Amenities such as integrated themed parks, basketball court, clubhouse, swimming pool, and a play area makes it perfect for all kinds of lifestyles. 


Beyond safety, convenience, and freedom from stressful city life, OLP also advocates being one with nature with its one-of-a-kind 10 hectare Central Park which makes up 70% of OLP’s open areas. Walkability and safety were among the main design principles of the Central Park. A limited access loop road surrounds the entire area while elevated walkways connect residents and guests to nearby points of interest. 

The Central Park has multiple green zones for every activity such as meditation and yoga, playgrounds, pet areas, and more. These nature-focused amenities encourage residents to reconnect and recharge through fun outdoor activities without having to leave the safety of the development.

OLP’s Scandinavian-inspired, modern minimalist architecture combines functionality, safety, and warmth in all units. With First-World engineering by construction partner Megawide, it promises a safe and high-quality home that every Filipino family deserves.

One Lancaster Park Tower 1 is expected to be completed by the 1st quarter of 2024. For more information on how to find your perfect Home Safe Home, visit or send a message via Facebook at @onelancasterparkofficial. You may also call 09178488246 or visit their Sales Office at Unit 9, The Square Lancaster New City, Advincula Avenue, Imus City, Cavite.

For more information on Famtech Properties, visit

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New Normal-Ready: 8 Reasons Why This Cavite Condo Is a Safe Investment

What’s “new” in the new normal is the heightened demand for a safe home environment. The pandemic emphasized that living in cramped spaces without a change of scenery can only exacerbate a worrisome situation. But on a more positive note, the transition to safer normal is now happening. 

One Lancaster Park in Cavite is among the newest condo developments providing a home to safely pursue personal, career, and family goals. This project elevates the discourse on what it means to feel secure and its impact on overall well-being. 

Let’s dive deeper into why One Lancaster Park is a top choice for a new-normal home. 

1. Exclusive Condo Access

Exclusivity and safety go hand-in-hand at One Lancaster Park. The 10-hectare master-planned project has a covered basement with a single entry point, limiting access to outsiders. Public spaces like lobbies and corridors are also equipped with CCTV cameras, while a perimeter fence surrounds the entire community to prevent unauthorized access.

Enjoy the premium safety features and open spaces of One Lancaster Park 
2. On-Site Facilities for Everyone’s Welfare

The presence of an on-site police outpost also brings peace of mind at One Lancaster Park. It plays a role in boosting the condo’s security strategies and deterring crimes through police visibility. 

Safety in the context of healthcare is also recognized within the development. It has an on-site clinic with healthcare professionals ready to help with medical emergencies.

3. Safety-Focused Unit Design

Developer Famtech Properties Inc. also designed One Lancaster Park to have units where you can feel out of harm’s way. Each unit has a fire detection sprinkler system, and electrical outlets are placed away from toddlers’ reach. 

Meanwhile, spacious unit layouts can provide an area where a family member can self-isolate as a safety precaution. Units with balconies also have a healthful benefit, as they can help maintain good ventilation and a clean home environment. 

4. Tech-Driven Building Features

It’s no secret that technology can make life at home convenient, comfortable, and safe. This is why One Lancaster Park harnesses the power of the RFID system to keep its units and elevators secure. 

RFID key cards are more difficult to copy than traditional keys, and you can deactivate them to prevent unauthorized access. They’re also considered a form of non-contact technology, making them handy for reducing exposure to high-touch surfaces. 

Wind down at One Lancaster Park’s expansive amenity area 
5. 70% of Open Space for Leisure 

The expanse of open space and well-curated amenities at One Lancaster Park enables residents to reclaim their time outdoors. More than half of the 10-hectare property will be dedicated to open leisure, so there’s enough space for everyone to have fun and practice social distancing. 

The condominium features a 7-hectare park comprised of a Family Bonding Zone, Active Zone, Quiet Zone, Kids Zone, Pocket Garden, and Play Area. These places of relaxation are interconnected via scenic elevated walkways. 

6. Conveniently Located Within a Township

Get a taste of township living as One Lancaster Park is located within Lancaster New City. Condo dwellers will have access to the township’s facilities, including a business park, lifestyle mall, worship place, and private school. 

The township’s own transport system (LNC Link Bus System) will also have a stop at One Lancaster Park, making the condo easily accessible from key infrastructures within and outside Cavite. 

7. Increasing Property Value 

Of course, it’s worth noting that the safest investment to have is one that retains or even increases its value. The latter can be true for the units at One Lancaster Park because of their prime location in an upgraded township. But more than this, the condo’s location near Metro Manila is a strong indication of property appreciation.

As more people see the value of suburban living, as well as the livability and accessibility of One Lancaster Park, it’s only a matter of time for its units to be placed at a higher price. Currently, the starting monthly rate for a unit here is P18,000.

Have a better night’s rest in this master’s bedroom at One Lancaster Park
8. Lower Density, More Privacy

Besides dedicating most of its space to outdoor leisure, One Lancaster Park will have fifteen mid-rise towers. The first and second towers will only have 8 storeys each, offering 24 units on every floor. 

This means lower density per floor and a more peaceful surrounding. Condo dwellers will benefit from privacy and solace, allowing them to comfortably rest and be energized for the next day. 

Adjusting to the new normal requires putting more importance on achieving a secure at-home lifestyle. At One Lancaster Park, a sense of safety can be felt at different levels and is key to positive experiences.

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Safe Condominiums - One Lancaster Park Cavite

For Starting Families: What Makes a Safe Condo Home?

Stop renting and start owning. This is the dream of most growing families who want to raise their kids in a better home environment. If you’re among them, know that homeownership calls for prioritizing the safety of your family and the community you’re going to live in. A safe home, after all, is a happy home.

Like most things during the pandemic, the definition of a secure, family-friendly home has changed. Safety is more important than ever, and it’s present in many ways in today’s condo developments.

Take, for example, One Lancaster Park in Cavite. This project sets itself apart from other communities by having a safety-focused design and advanced engineering technology. This kind of condo holds the key factors that make an ideal home for starting families.

Peace and Security Enabled by Technology

New condo developments are now replacing traditional keys and locks to improve residents’ overall safety. In these communities, Radio Frequency Identification or RFID technology is literally the key to a more private living space. At its core, RFID allows wireless communication between a specialized reader and an RFID keycard. 

RFID elevators and locksets in One Lancaster Park ensure that access to buildings would be contactless and limited to residents. It also has a single entry point to its covered basement and 24-hour CCTV monitoring in corridors and lobbies. By having all these features, dwellers can get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed for the next day.

You can always end the night with a relaxing nocturnal walk at One Lancaster Park.
Safe, Well-Designed Walkways 

Designated areas for people to walk can improve the community’s safety and livability. Aside from enabling a positive pedestrian experience, it also encourages families to be more active outdoors and engage with other residents. 

In One Lancaster Park, residents can comfortably stroll along elevated walkways, which are also connected to the condo’s recreational spaces. Well-lit, tree-lined walk paths make walking a delightful and safe experience for residents of all ages. 

Efficient Zoning of the Amenity Area 

Amenities also play a crucial role in improving family relationships, so they must be designed for everyone’s safety. A vast amenity area divided into multiple zones promotes physical distancing and proper use of facilities and open spaces.

For instance, in One Lancaster Park’s 7-hectare nature park, families can choose to unwind at the Family Bonding Zone, Kids Zone, or Play Area. There’s also an Active Zone for outdoor sports activities and a Pocket Garden and Quiet Zone to spend time in nature and reflect.

Regardless of the season, One Lancaster Park’s pool area will get you in the mood for summer.
Transit-Oriented Community Design 

Integrating transit into a community is another way of ensuring enhanced safety and accessibility. It helps reduce vehicle dependency and thus improves overall health. At the same time, families can easily reach places that support their changing needs. 

As a transit-oriented community, One Lancaster Park not only offers its residents a walkable pedestrian environment. It also provides access to an exclusive transport system. The condo is part of the Lancaster New City township, so it has access to the latter’s transportation hub, the LNC Link. Shuttle services from One Lancaster Park to Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) allow residents to easily reach Metro Manila in just 30 minutes.

The condominium is also near major transport infrastructures like Cavite Expressway, Cavite-Laguna Expressway, South Luzon Expressway, and Daang Hari, providing convenience to those with private vehicles. 

Live in a functional home with complete safety features at One Lancaster Park.
Family-Friendly Units 

Many condo units seemed to be designed for young and dynamic professionals, but newer ones are more suitable for starting families. Space and security are central to these family living spaces, so they’re larger than typical units and equipped with child safety features.

In One Lancaster Park, you can find units measuring 30 to 44 square meters. Each one has a fire detection sprinkler system and electrical outlets placed out of kids’ reach. Units also have fully finished kitchens, allowing for an efficient cooking experience.

At the same time, these units are large enough to have a designated work area for parents who are remotely working. Surrounding the units are open spaces, which help in shaping the work-from-home experience. They provide creative inspiration and a space to switch off when the need to take a break rises. 

One Lancaster Park is set to have 15 mid-rise residential towers, while 70% of the community will be dedicated to open, green spaces. Its first and second towers are eight stories high, with only 191 units so families can enjoy a more private and calm environment. Interested buyers can expect a monthly rate starting at only P19,000.

All the above features point you towards a safe community built for nurturing family relationships. While embracing safety in its entirety requires a multi-layered approach, you can start by living in a condo where your family’s health and security are top priorities.

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How to Live a Safety-First Condo Lifestyle?

“Safety first” is no longer just a workplace slogan. After getting through the pandemic’s grip, many people now consider safety a lifestyle—a new way of life rooted in proactive and preventative thinking. 

In today’s condo developments, living a safety-first lifestyle may require different, multiple approaches. The first step, however, is to choose a home designed for safety like One Lancaster Park in Cavite. Innovative engineering and technology take center stage in this project, merging with amenities and units that promote improved well-being. 

To further evolve your lifestyle and put safety first, here are other condo living tips to consider: 

Make Your Condo Smart 

Turning your unit into a smart home would be an added layer of protection if you already live in a safety-first community. Today, there are digital and smart versions of pretty much every home appliance. For starters, you can install smart lights, speakers, and displays to limit physical contact with high-touch surfaces.

Using these smart devices will only help improve the safety of One Lancaster Park units, which come equipped with RFID locksets and a fire detection sprinkler system. 

Safe Condo Investment - One Lancaster Park
Create your own place of comfort and security at One Lancaster Park.

Safety-proof Your Condo Unit 

Smart devices aside, the look of a secure condo home is different for everyone. For families with energetic toddlers, their unit should have furniture with softened up edges, a child-friendly kitchen, and a non-slip bathroom floor. Keeping electrical wires out of sight is also crucial to protect children from electrical shocks. 

Meanwhile, having a fireproof and burglary-resistant safe is suitable for those with high-value physical assets kept inside their homes. A more modern version of this storage unit is a smart vault accessible by biometric data. 

Get Familiar with Your Condo

A condo home like One Lancaster Park is brimming with cozy common areas and leisure facilities. Use these spaces to feel acquainted with the entire community and other dwellers living in it. The feeling of safety may start by seeing other people out and about, and later on, getting to know them better. Once friendly relations have been established, it’s almost certain that you’ll be looking out for one another.

At One Lancaster Park, you can also ensure that the community is equipped to limit access to the outsiders. The project lessens the risk of “stranger danger” by having a single entry point to the basement and CCTV cameras in lobbies and corridors.

Congregate safely with friends and family at One Lancaster Park’s pool area.

Keep on Keeping Your Distance 

The pandemic underscored the importance of physical distancing as part of the safety-first lifestyle. The benefit of choosing condos is that they feature open areas and amenities. They make it easy to put adequate space between your family and others without significantly reducing social interactions. With this kind of home environment, you can continue doing outdoor activities while protecting your family’s well-being.

In One Lancaster Park, a whopping 70% of space has been dedicated to open leisure areas where families can safely bond and enjoy the calm of nature. The condo’s seven-hectare nature park is one of its highlights, divided into different zones for different leisure activities. Adult and kiddie swimming pools are also present within the community, where you can enjoy relaxing dips and summer-like vibes.

Live in One Lancaster Park—a home that brings people together in fun and active ways.

Adopt Healthy Living Habits

Exercise daily, eat healthier, and sleep adequately. Developing these habits is part of the journey to a safety-focused life. Good health is central to your overall sense of security, and it’s more than just about keeping away any virus or disease.

Being physically active is likewise necessary to lead a healthy life. Run, bike, walk or do just about anything under the sun. Commit to a workout routine in the fitness area, or in the case of One Lancaster Park, in its Active Zone, surrounded by lush nature views.

The 10-hectare master-planned community also features elevated walkways encouraging residents of all ages to go outside and be more active. Even at night, you will feel safe roaming around the community because of its well-lit streets and on-site police outpost. 

Residents at One Lancaster Park can also incorporate more movement into their lifestyle by embracing active transportation. The condo is set to rise within the township of Lancaster New City, making travels to Cavite and Metro Manila quite a breeze. 

Switching to a safety-focused lifestyle gets you ready in the face of adversity. Follow these tips and consider living in a home that values your safety: One Lancaster Park by Famtech Properties

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