How to Live a Safety-First Condo Lifestyle?

“Safety first” is no longer just a workplace slogan. After getting through the pandemic’s grip, many people now consider safety a lifestyle—a new way of life rooted in proactive and preventative thinking. 

In today’s condo developments, living a safety-first lifestyle may require different, multiple approaches. The first step, however, is to choose a home designed for safety like One Lancaster Park in Cavite. Innovative engineering and technology take center stage in this project, merging with amenities and units that promote improved well-being. 

To further evolve your lifestyle and put safety first, here are other condo living tips to consider: 

Make Your Condo Smart 

Turning your unit into a smart home would be an added layer of protection if you already live in a safety-first community. Today, there are digital and smart versions of pretty much every home appliance. For starters, you can install smart lights, speakers, and displays to limit physical contact with high-touch surfaces.

Using these smart devices will only help improve the safety of One Lancaster Park units, which come equipped with RFID locksets and a fire detection sprinkler system. 

Safe Condo Investment - One Lancaster Park
Create your own place of comfort and security at One Lancaster Park.

Safety-proof Your Condo Unit 

Smart devices aside, the look of a secure condo home is different for everyone. For families with energetic toddlers, their unit should have furniture with softened up edges, a child-friendly kitchen, and a non-slip bathroom floor. Keeping electrical wires out of sight is also crucial to protect children from electrical shocks. 

Meanwhile, having a fireproof and burglary-resistant safe is suitable for those with high-value physical assets kept inside their homes. A more modern version of this storage unit is a smart vault accessible by biometric data. 

Get Familiar with Your Condo

A condo home like One Lancaster Park is brimming with cozy common areas and leisure facilities. Use these spaces to feel acquainted with the entire community and other dwellers living in it. The feeling of safety may start by seeing other people out and about, and later on, getting to know them better. Once friendly relations have been established, it’s almost certain that you’ll be looking out for one another.

At One Lancaster Park, you can also ensure that the community is equipped to limit access to the outsiders. The project lessens the risk of “stranger danger” by having a single entry point to the basement and CCTV cameras in lobbies and corridors.

Congregate safely with friends and family at One Lancaster Park’s pool area.

Keep on Keeping Your Distance 

The pandemic underscored the importance of physical distancing as part of the safety-first lifestyle. The benefit of choosing condos is that they feature open areas and amenities. They make it easy to put adequate space between your family and others without significantly reducing social interactions. With this kind of home environment, you can continue doing outdoor activities while protecting your family’s well-being.

In One Lancaster Park, a whopping 70% of space has been dedicated to open leisure areas where families can safely bond and enjoy the calm of nature. The condo’s seven-hectare nature park is one of its highlights, divided into different zones for different leisure activities. Adult and kiddie swimming pools are also present within the community, where you can enjoy relaxing dips and summer-like vibes.

Live in One Lancaster Park—a home that brings people together in fun and active ways.

Adopt Healthy Living Habits

Exercise daily, eat healthier, and sleep adequately. Developing these habits is part of the journey to a safety-focused life. Good health is central to your overall sense of security, and it’s more than just about keeping away any virus or disease.

Being physically active is likewise necessary to lead a healthy life. Run, bike, walk or do just about anything under the sun. Commit to a workout routine in the fitness area, or in the case of One Lancaster Park, in its Active Zone, surrounded by lush nature views.

The 10-hectare master-planned community also features elevated walkways encouraging residents of all ages to go outside and be more active. Even at night, you will feel safe roaming around the community because of its well-lit streets and on-site police outpost. 

Residents at One Lancaster Park can also incorporate more movement into their lifestyle by embracing active transportation. The condo is set to rise within the township of Lancaster New City, making travels to Cavite and Metro Manila quite a breeze. 

Switching to a safety-focused lifestyle gets you ready in the face of adversity. Follow these tips and consider living in a home that values your safety: One Lancaster Park by Famtech Properties

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